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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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everything he can. we got kurt busch, so i know, you don't have to worry about him, being determined and bringing his "a" game. it will all be infun. >> the way the day started, that's all right. >> yes, sir. kurt busch siting there right now. >> they have work to do. >> talk about the rear spoiler, where you can run them or change them. looks like all guyer is going to make a little move here. taking both of those ears off the spoiler for less drag, hang on to it just a few laps. >> he wants that extra speed. wants to get there as fast as he can. six laps to go right now. >> that's what it is. >> he gave up 14 spots. for that pit stop. and there are only 18 car on the lead lap. >> that's not bad. >> add jeff breen to that total. 14 car.
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that's him going around the pace car. jeff enjoy the lead lap. subbing for eric mcclure, who we hope to see behind that race car again very, very soon. >> logano nailed them after the restart. he's been game one. after we've had multiple restart. these other guys think, what am i doing wrong. it gives them a second chance not to mess up. >> okay, you see what's happened. what do you do to defend against that? >> they let logano be gone too quick. i've been looking right at his car. all of the time. >> restarts were always pretty good for me. as soon as i saw that car move, i didn't have anybody help me across the headsets. >>. >> follow up before the restart,
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dave. >> with jimmy ellis, they actually removed the ears off the spoiler. jimmy, what should the driver expect on the restart. >> i don't know, he'll probably be the first to know. >> he ran them yesterday. in a little bit of practices and it was much hotter. we lost a lot of grip. we figured green and white checker not a whole lot of laps. we figured we'd give it a try. >> jimmy mention aid key point. they did practice about one practice and a half without the spoiler, guys. >> allgaier is back in 17th on the restart. >> four laps to go. one other thing to your discussion about joey logano on the restarts. confidence. talked about it in the beginning of the show. four wins this season, plus the wins last sunday in pocono. confidence. he knows he can get it done. you have to think, to succeed as a race driver, you have to think you're the baddest guy on the
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racetrack. >> right now i'm the baddest guy on the racetrack. >> he's been for quite a few races. >> pace car is off. can he push him by logano, or will logano get away. >> he put it on them again. he's making it three wide up the middle. don't know if it's going to work or not. >> he has less downforce on the corner, his ears missing. they need to find out what logano is doing on restart. he's done it every time.
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>> on turn four. smoking, brad sweet's car, going up in smoke. at least they have the lead so far. >> he was looking at the car when he went by for fluid. i don't see any. >> joey logano, guy, checking out. buescher is right on his tail. we saw elliott sadler do the same thing with logano earlier. he couldn't keep up. paul menard did the same thing also. >> coming to two laps to go. separated from third place, kurt busch had enough of a gap, unless they get side by side, they should settle it between them. >> buescher is right there. >> i didn't hear him crack it at all. >> i didn't either. >> they don't have a decision.
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they got to reround that. >> last lap. >> that haze of smoke from the brad sweet car down on the safety apron. and comes back around. >> here they come to the white flag. one lap to go in this race. who comes back the final two? joey logano with his sixth or james buescher with the second. here's buescher to the inside. >> he has to throttle before it got loose on him. >> that might be enough. >> that's buescher's shot right there to drive side by side, but you saw what happened with danica patrick. when she does that, she lost it. buescher was smart, he didn't go for it. >> confidence, momentum, call it what you want, but joey logano is on a roll. his fifth win of the season in the nascar nationwide race. >> joey logano wins it at michigan.
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>> good job, guy, good job. >> thank you, buddy, you're the man! >> we keep winning races. this is fun. thanks. >> that was the first time. >> it is their first nationwide win at this track. >> they have sprint cup wins here. in fact joe gibbs racing, took both series at this track a year ago. a race that's been dominated by chevrolet. with a healthy dose of ford thrown n-even a couple dodge. today it's toyota going to victory lane, and joey logano continues to be the man in this series. when he's in the field, he's been up front. this is the fifth win of the season. >> he had to fight off james buescher, though, he made a real run on him in turn one in the last lap. >> you and i had a lot to say about the horsepower here.
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>> it does. >> it does, doesn't it? >> he's got a lot of practice at this celebrating thing. >> he sure is. and let's take a look from up here on the pit box. 20 races here. all chevy. now one toyota. how does it feel? >> it feels great. i cannot tell you what a weekend this was with the new package and pavement. it's incredible. put a game plan together and work your guts out. everybody on the team really had their head together. in the end you have the top four, five.
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it was our strength on the previous run that made the difference. >> they tuned it well. the win belonged to joey logano and the team and the rest. there's a bunch of guys that made this happen. allen. >> they're talking about being on a roll in the last five starts of the nationwide series. joey logano, four for five. that's a pretty good average. >> nationwide series moving on to what has been a very ax-packed race in the first two years. road america, the four-mile road course in wisconsin next saturday. 3:00 eastern on espn. then the fast mile and a half in kentucky, super speedway at daytona. magic mile in new hampshire. a lot of great races coming up. join us, the phone number at the bottom of the screen. buescher a shot at it. he'll have to settle for second. >> he sure did. walk me through that move. was there any possible way you
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think you might have been able to make it? >> there's a lot of moves at the end of the race that got us in position to go after the win. i got to thank everybody, chevy, steven turner for giving us great race car, amway for coming on board this weekend. it was a good showing for the first time in the sport. got to thank them for doing that. our car was fast. the number 30 was really, really good. just didn't have all of the speed we needed getting to the center of the corner. was just a little unstable. the late race restarts definitely helped. the longer we ran the more guys were able to get around us. the restarts were good. we couldn't take off initially, and then by the time we got to turn one. we were round up enough to make moves. i thought i was going to get joey on the last lap. i peeked on the inside and when i got to the banking it got loose. congratulations to those guys. we had a top five car all day
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and definitely did really well with it. just a good day for everybody. >> second place finish for james buescher. mike. >> catching up with the fourth place finisher, cole whitt. pretty solid day out there, how would you assess it? >> it feels good to get a good run especially after rebounding, getting a little buried back in the back. it's cool, shows how strong we are. testament to the team, you know, it's pretty cool. it's been fun getting them involved. they've been great, showing a lot of hospitality. the nationwide series is pretty cool. i was having fun watching james and them back there and austin gave me a good run for my money. it's cool to have nationwide insurance make this happen to us. thanks to everybody who makes it happen and junior motorsports for giving me a chance. >> congratulations, have a good run. >> thank you. >> allen, when the crew chief came on board his job was get this kid's confidence back and
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de a good job there. >> he did. cole whitt in fourth today. the man in victory lane, joey logano, celebrating a win. >> whoo! >> well, the hottest driver in nascar, just got hotter after winning a cup race, last week's sprint cup race, now the fifth win in the year in the nationwide series. joey logano, congratulations, take us through your concerns of the final two restarts. >> just going through the year, these cars put such a big hole, it was hard to get away from anyone. i knew 30 was waiting on it. he was waiting to make that pass. he had a good run in the one. i was gbetter in three and four. he could get by me in the straightaway. i saw him do it. i started to block and said no, if i can get the momentum, it
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worked out perfectly. adam stevens and all the boys give me a great dollar general car. we've been on a roll lately. just got to keep it going. it was a lot of fun t. this was the first nationwide win at michigan. dollar general and all of the guy, game stop, sport clip, home depot and all those guys helping us out. it's been a lot of fun lately. >> what's been the difference. have you been good in years past? this year you're great. winning in the cup series, five in the nationwide. what's turned it around for joey logano? >> a combination of a lot of things. as a driver, i'm confident in my abilities. it's been working for me. obviously, i got a great team, a great crew chief on the cup side. with jason and adam, i've been doing two awesome jobs and working well. making both the programs rise up to where it needs to be. we capitalize on every opportunity we got right now. >> good luck tomorrow and
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congratulations today. >> thanks. >> joey logano picking up the first win. first in a toyota here at michigan international speedway. >> allen. >> doc, thanks. wild racing for some. and dominating driver with the win. next up, on espn, "road america" and next, abc "world news." this has been a presentation of espn worldwide leader in sports. so long from michigan.
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. good evening, and we begin this saturday night with the fallout across this country after president bush president obama's bombshell decision on immigration. could it shape the race for the white house with the president and mitt romney trying to court the powerful hispanic vote. here you see the faces after thousands of undocumented immigrants are allowed to stay in the u.s. hugging and celebrating. the latest numbers showing hispanic voters preferring obama. that doesn't take into this new move. how does this cut into that? >> in important swing states, florida -- >> an historic announcement on immigration today. >> officials will stop departing people. >> virginia. >> to stop departing younger undocumented immigrants. >> lives of 800,000 young
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immigrants changed overnight with the president's announcement. the celebration -- ♪ music to the obama campaign. the president who just nine months ago said he couldn't do more, changed course. ordering young illegal immigrants not to be deported. >> this is the right thing to do, period. >> it put romney in a political box. during the season, romney went hard right. >> i think we have to follow the law that insist that those who come illegally, ultimately return home, apply and get in line with everyone else. >> now an important voting bloc romney's response was muted. >> we have to find kids who came here through no fault of their own. >> 2008, two-thirds of hispanics prefer obama. why off this 143 days before an election? because with an ailing economy, the president needs his base to
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vote. that gives latinos not only a reason to support the president but come out and vote. >> mr. obama may have outflanked romney. >> he has to backtrack if he wants to have a chance of picking up latino votes. how important is it to get the base out? just the past month he announced support for gay marriage and all of this in an election where the economy is looming very large. >> david kerley, thanks to you. >> tomorrow morning, we'll have tough questions for david plouffe on abc's this week. >> they show this fight could last through the summer. one of the fierce estfires is west of'collins colorado where there are new reports showing 54,000 acres are scorched, at
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least 112 homes burned. 1500 firefighters are trying to bring it under control. zinger zee, the warnings and watches for this week ahead could bring tougher conditions. >> one of my favorite -- i shouldn't say favorite. one of the most telling quotes was this is a war against mother nature. it's going to take a break from the weather to make it go away. look at watches and warnings. in the south they're really blowing up. we see them extend into eastern colorado. they'll have gusts up to 45 miles per hour, low humidity and fuel on the ground. this won't get a break bigtime until the fall. >> can't forget new mexico as well where hundreds of homes were lost there as well. tlfrjts are two others in southern new mexico. little bear is where you lost 200 homes. that's the largest in new mexico state history.
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>> we'll be watching tomorrow on "gma." >> in the meantime there's word of a massive search of climbers missing in an avalanche. the national park service saying almost 400 people are now searching in heavy snow and wind, we believe they're from japan, a fifth member of that team surviving. overseas, tension is building in greece where a crucial vote will reverberate in europe and in the states. could bring a volatile week in the markets. in athens, where one person in ten needs a soup kitchen for food, the election is the truth. the choice is a party that wants to stay in europe and wants greece to go their own way. the theory, it might affect banks in spain and italy. in a moment we'll be back with the unbelievable feat watched by millions right here in america last night. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe
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now to that feat watched my millions last night on abc. nik wallenda, in the middle of the near-blinding mist, many of us couldn't believe how calmly he was able to talk to josh elliott and hannah storm. >> it's astounding that you seem
6:24 pm
to be enjoy this experience, ni nik. >> you know what, i am. this is what dreams made of. pursue your dreams. don't give up. mine might be strange. focus on the other side. >> powerful message. >> "nightline" anchor bill weir was there. he takes us step by step as the history made over the falls as the rest of us held your breath. >> history awaits, the wire. >> until last night. no man, no woman, no one had ever dare try this. stepping out on a two-inch wire over niagara's churning walls. nik wallenda reviving his name, that would make his mom and dad proud. happened after his uncle gave his life. >> nik knew a fall would make it worse.
6:25 pm
after months of grueling training had no way of knowing what the moment would feel like, marching over the cascade. >> 700 thousand gallons. >> holding his balance. . through the blinding mist and heaving wire. even then he sounded like a guy on a nature hike. >> it's an unbelievable view. i'm so blessed to be in the position i am to be the first. >> for the first time he reluctantly agreed to wear a safety harness but in the end didn't need it. with a steady pace crossed four football fields in 25 minutes. the steady applause seemed visible in those minutes. >> i'm drained. this is so physical. >> that's a showman showing drama, before a victory sprint. >> 25th minute of the walk. >> once he cleared canadian customs and dug out the
6:26 pm
passports. . i have it in a little pack here. >> what is the purpose of your trip, sir. >> to inspire people around the world. >> a well deserved hug with his family. >> as his great grandfather famously said, life is on the wire. everything else is waiting. he's back waiting for his next megastunt. he already has the permits to be the first man to try to cross the grand canyon on a wire. bill weir, abc news, niagara falls. >> i love that. what is the purpose of your trip? to inspire the world. con greats to him and thanks to all of you tuning in. and when we come back the mysterious vehicle just back from space has been up there for more than a year. throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪
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dropping off the shopping cart discount. why are you doing it? because of the hundreds i saved at progressive. and that's when i told her about progressive online! [ all chuckling ] all right, look busy, the manager is coming. it's been a mystery for some time. it was back to earth for the mysterious air force space plain the x-37-b. the automated plane that landed itself. touched down in the california desert. it had been in space more than a year, 15 months. there's lots of speculation what it was doing all that time. theories from testing unmanned space. or developing technology for spying from space. that's our abbreviated broadcast. thanks for being here, see you tomorrow night. good night.
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